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Written by V Mellos   
Tuesday, 06 April 2010 01:00
Being in a band is hard, simple as that. Writing songs, adding the right beats, actually getting them recorded and on a CD, getting that CD out to the public -- all these things take both time and money. Then comes scheduling gig after gig in hopes of getting the music out there and gathering followers, which can at some points seem near helpless to the average run-of-the-mill garage band. This barely touches how much work and dedication being in a serious band takes. Now comes the hardest part of having a band: actually starting one.


Take it from someone whose tried, trying to get a band started can be very annoying. Complication after complication can come up, and more than likely the complications can and will keep coming up. However, loads of people find the time, place, and diligence to pursue being in a band. While most fail miserably at having any musical success whatsoever, a few have enough knowledge of music to make something that isn’t garbage.


Dimensions is a three-man band whose members go to Booker T. Washington Magnet High School: Joe Hernandez, Trevor Walker, and Jordan Christian. After hearing them practice, it was obvious that they each showed enough talent to make something that was pleasing to the ear. I decided to get them to answer a few questions about getting started, plus a few random ones off the top of my head. I was able to get Joe and Trevor to sit down together and answer my questions, and had to call Jordan afterwards. Even so, I got my answers.


Q: Why did you decide to make this band?


A: (Trevor) Well, Jordan made a song, wanted me to make a beat for it. I said we should make a band, so we did.


A: (Joe) I joined after that. I said I played bass and they we were like “Yeah, we need a bassist," so I joined.


A: (Jordan) Me and Trevor got it started, then Joe, Evan, and Angel came after, even though Even and Angel quit.


Q: What is hardest about starting a band?


A: (Trevor) Finding committed members.


A: (Joe) Yeah, that.


A: (Jordan) Nothing really, mostly finding a pianist and a place to practice.


Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?


A: (Trevor) Um . . . this band called Hi-Def came in the band room and watched us practice one time. They’re this other band that goes here.


A: (Joe) Yeah, they came in and just made comments on our playing. Some were like “oh that was good” and others were like “Oh that was cr*p”.


A: (Jordan) I don’t know . . . don’t really have any.


Q: Where do you see your band in a year?


A: (Joe) Playing at the Renaissance!


A: (Trevor) Showcase, maybe Taliaferro.


A: (Jordan) Getting a lot of gigs and being well known musicians.


Q: What band would you really want to see in concert?


A: (Trevor) Linkin Park.


A: (Joe) All-American Rejects, but like a tour from two years ago.


A: (Jordan) Crossfade and Linkin Park . . . and Chopsuei.


A high school band with high expectations for their future. Will they be playing the Renaissance in a year like they predict? Or will they’re hopes go up in flames along with their musical careers? Honestly, it will probably be the second one, but who knows. They could end up being the next big thing in music. They could have hundreds of thousands of fans lining up by the truckloads just to get a glimpse of their favorite band playing on stage. Anything’s possible, and these guys, even though they got a long way to go, can make it possible.

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