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This is my Georgraphy Class for 11thy graders

This a course on the life of John F. Kennedy

Course offers an overview of the origins, development, and outcomes of National Socialism. It covers: the Nazi Party, stablishment of disctatorship, emergence of racial state, life of Jews and social outsiders, road to war, WWII, occupation of Europe, and the Holocaust. 

Elementary Education
Overview of basic Geometry

10th Grade American History. We will go over the later part of American History from 1877-1960.

Throughout the course of this course we will focus on learning about the European countries involved in World War 1 and the effects on the countries post-war.

This semester in Physical Education we will be doing a basketball unit plan. In this unit plan we will be learning the skills that are used in the game of basketball. We will also be learning the history of the game, along with important people throughout basketball.