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This is Mr. Coleman's Class on Eastern Europe

This is Mr. White physical education class

This a Physical Education class where we will learn all the basics of importance of Health for the human Body. PE is a way to understand that exercise is key for a long and healthy living which helps you accomplish your other priorities in life. We will also discuss different types of exercises and day to day functions to help stay healthy.

This class is about teaching the students a healthy lifestyle and the different ways that you can live in order to be healthy. We will also discuss certain workout exercises that you can do on your own in order to become more fit.

This reading course consist of strategies and skills that will improve student comprehension.  Throughout the school year, students will implement these skills while reading short stories, novels, and self-selected books.  These skills and stories help instill the love of reading!

This Course is to discuss and learn about the aspects of physical fitness

This science class covers many different forms and aspects of science that will be helpful when in more difficult science classes in later grades.

In this class we will explore many things dealing with science.