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Library Orientation

Library Assistants' Assignments & Blogs.

Mr. Coleman's 12th grade European History Class.

This is Ms. Minor's 2nd grade class. Here, we will be able to answer questions and look at assignments online. All subjects will be on this site. 

Ms. Billy's 2nd Grade Class

This is Ms. Hinson's first period 8th grade Mathematics class.

Miss Miles' first grade class

Welcome to Mrs. Perdue's 3rd grade elementary class!

This is Miss Hirshberg's class for EDUC 342.  This is for my 6th Grade students. 

This class will teach you the best information about physical education their is. this is for my 7th grade students. they will also be able to learn all sports and the rules, and also the real meaning of physical education.

This course is for my middle school physical education students. My students will learn about different techniques in different sports. My students will be focusing on sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, etc... mostly all the major sports in the world. This course is for my students to be physically active and also learn different skills in every sport. Everybody will be able to participate and be able to learn a skill of their choice. This class is for the students to have fun and be able to learn skills while every student is participating and being encouraging to others.

This is Mr. Coleman's First Block European History Class.