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Mr Coleman's 11th Grade Area Studies Class

This is an intermediate reading course, created for grades 7th-8th. Topics include, but not limited to: author names, reading concepts, vocabulary words, etc. 

Mrs. Page's 5th grade science class

This is a kindergarten class and we will be describing different shapes that we use daily.

Ms. Reed's ninth grade biology class. 

Mr. Twiggs 4th grade Math Class.

Our EduTech class was a learning experience that allowed me to gain some knowledge into the use of technology. It showed more ways to use it in a classroom.

Ms. Gabby George 10th grade World History Class. 

This is a 2nd grade social studies class. We are currently studying maps, globes, oceans, and continents. We will be incorporating technology into our studies, and there will be a quiz grade at the end of this assignment. 

Miss. Rooney's 7th grade Health Science Class

Ms. Sechrist's 10th grade English Class.

This is Mrs. Martin's 1st grade class.

Ms. Lanier's 2nd grade class.

Mr. Tinsley's 12th grade History Class

Library Orientation

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